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Monday, December 08, 2003

Lance :)

It all started Saturday night. My Dad asked me of I wanted to go with him to his work in the morning. I said ok. He woke me up around 8:00am and seemed very eager for me to get ready. I figured it was because we had to get back by 12:00 for my Mom's birthday party. So, we go. When we get there my Dad asked me if I felt like I looked alright. I said "Yes" suspiciously. He said, "Well good, because you are going to meet Lance Bass". My jaw dropped!! Woo hoo!! LOL (Lance Bass is in 'N SYNC if you didn't know.) So we go to the set and I caught Lance as he was going to his dressing room. I said, "Lance?" and he stopped and said, "Hey there, how are ya"? in his cute Mississippi accent. I shook his hand and he smiled, his gorgeous green eyes looking into mine. That was it. It only lasted a few seconds, but the memory will last forever.


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