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Sunday, January 18, 2004

The Party's Over
Well folks, tomorrow is my last day at Pajama Party. I'm saddened by this. It has been so wonderful working there, the girls, the store itself, everything.

There's still a slight chance I might be hired to work at the new store, but I don't wanna get my hopes up.

I'll just do the best I can tomorrow and see what happens.

In other news, after work I saw one of my best friends, Jennifer. She's been at home over break in San Diego. It was really nice to see her after over a month hehe. :) We went to Michael's and watched "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and played "Would You Rather?" with Michael and Kyle. We also gave Jennifer her Xmas gifts.

A nice evening was had by all. :)

Well, I better get some rest for possibly my last day of work. (10:00-2:00) Goodnight everyone!!


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