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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Another Week Has Passed
This week went pretty well. My art project turned out great. I *love* it!! My classes were good with the exception of Anthropology. Poor Professor Love hehe, he tries. I'm one week closer to seeing HANSON woo hoo!! I'm reading a book called "Ender's Game" which is very interesting so far. I've also recently gotten into a band called A.F.I. I've listened to a few of their songs. My favorite so far is "Silver and Cold". Here are some lyrics:

"Silver and Cold"

Your sins into me
Oh, my beautiful one
Your sins into me
As a rapturous voice escapes, I will tremble a prayer
And I'll beg for forgiveness
(Your sins into me) Your sins into me
Oh, my beautiful one

Next week is gonna be fun. I have a field trip to FIDM on Thursday, going to see HANSON on Kilborn on Friday, and then their concert on Sunday. Yay!!


I get to sleep in tomorrow. That's gonna be so nice. :)


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