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Friday, July 22, 2005

Saturday, July 16, 2005
I wrote this whole entry and the computer crashed, so it was lost. *Boo* Here's my second attempt at telling you about my awesome day. :)

*I love "My Shawn"*
Last Saturday was one of the best days ever!! It all started with my Dad and I taking a drive to San Diego. On the way there, we listened to CDs ("Tommy" was a highlight hehe) and talked. I love our talks. The reason for our trip was Shawn Green. The D-Backs were in town to take on the Padres. We got to SD in 2 hours 15 mins., very good time. We drove around downtown for a bit and then it was time for lunch. There was a big annual comic book convention going on called Comic-Con. We saw lots of cool hair and creative outfits as we sat watching people pass by our window in Rockin' Baja Restaurant. One person who I never expected to see walk by was my crush from freshman year. That was pretty funny hehe After lunch, we got the most perfect parking space and walked into Petco Park. We were there really early so we could watch the Diamondbacks' batting practice and hopefully see Shawn. The team was stretching when we got there. I said hi to Counsell again. He's just adorable. :) After a while, Shawn walked over to a little girl, about 8 I'd say, to sign an autograph for her. I knew Shawn was stuck then. A small group of people started walking over and he began signing and taking photos. I got over to him and handed him my ticket. I said hello and thank you and he said, "Hi, how're you doing?". As he handed me back my ticket and pen, I held out my hand to shake his but he missed and said "Sorry 'bout that" hehe. My Dad and I waited until Shawn was done signing and just as he was turning away to go back to the field my Dad asked Shawn for one picture. He smiled and walked over to me. We took the picture and I turned and thanked him again. As I turned he smiled *sigh* and said, "Here's a ball for ya" and handed me a ball!! It was one of the coolest moments ever!! I was sooooo happy. The D-Backs lost that night, but nothing could change how happy I was. Shawn Green is one of the nicest guys in baseball today and I'm grateful I got to meet him once again. After the game there was a short fireworks performance which featured music from Coldplay (I totally thought of you Jennifer!!) and "Grease". It was a well done show. On the drive home I drifted in and out of sleep, tightly holding onto the ball that Shawn gave me, and being thankful that I have the *best* Dad in the world to share all these great experiences with.

Me and "My Shawn" hehe
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Be sure to check out my Photobucket album on the "More Amanda" links. I added more pictures today, thanks to *Kyle* who scanned them for me.

Have a great weekend everyone!! Stay cool!!

Lots of Love,

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