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Friday, August 05, 2005

Moving Day
Well everyone this is my first post since I moved out over the weekend. It all started on Saturday. I woke up at 6:30am, did my workout, and then got dressed and had breakfast. I couldn't sleep well the night before because of how nervous and excited I was. Oh, also the night before was Michael's welcome back dinner. It was sooo great to see him after 6 weeks. He had much to say about Canada and working as a P.A.

Wayne and Lee came by to help me move. Wayne works w/ my Mom for her company and Lee is a former tenant who is a family friend. Wayne brought our new couch and coffee table. My Dad was worried about carrying that up the stairs. It was only a little after 8:00am when we left for Northridge, but it was already like a million degrees. *Yuck* Well, the hours flew by and everything managed to get moved into the apt. and my room. I'm so thankful I had all the help. It was great. :) After we were done, my parents took Jennifer and I to Chili's for lunch. They got us each a "drink" and we got carded hehe Lunch was yummy and then it was time to go home, my *new* home. hehe My parents hugged me and said goodbye. After that, Jennifer and went to my room and decided to watch a movie. We watched the Kirsten Dunst movie, "Dick", one of her funniest. While we watched the movie, I went through my CDs. I'm missing two, but that's ok. I just hung out in my room some more and got everything organized when the movie was over. I talked to Michael later in the day. That evening Michael, Jennifer, and I saw "March of the Penguins", which I *loved* (just like you said I would Kyle hehe). We went Chili's after and Jennifer and I had a very healthy dinner of chocolate cake LOL It was worth every calorie hehe It was a really nice evening. So, my first day/night at my new place went great and I'm so happy.

This past Monday was one of the best days *ever*. So to catch you guys up, Joe is a guy I met through Billy a couple of times who I thought was really sweet and cute. We have been talking for a little while and on Monday he wanted to come see my new apt. I looked forward to hearing from him all day. After he got home from Blockbuster, he called me to get my addy. I was happy he was going to come by. I looked around my room and made sure everything was all nice. It was, since I'm a neat freak. :) After a while, I went downstairs to wait for him since the buzzer doesn't work. I was only waiting about 5 mins. when he came walking towards me. I was relieved he found it alright. I was worried he'd get lost. He gave me a hug hello and we went upstairs. I introduced him to Jennifer, but she was on the phone so we just went into my room. I showed him all my new stuff and he showed me his National Directory ghost book. It’s a really good book about each state and then cities in each state that have haunted places. We might go see some of the places around here sometime. Then we watched "Moulin Rouge!" (Joe's choice) and he was making me laugh the whole time doing his Ewan McGregor Obi-Wan impression. hehe So, the movie ended and I was like, “Now what?”. He held me and gave me the sweetest kisses ever. All too soon it was time for him to go home. (It was midnight LOL) I can’t tell you how amazing it is when you connect with someone so well after just 1 date, but that’s how it happened with Joe. He's now my *boyfriend* and everything's going great so far. I look forward to getting to know him better and our relationship lasting (*hopefully!!*) a long time.

That’s all for now. I’ll talk to you guys again soon. :)

Lots of Love,

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